What started as a simple blog page, giving you my thoughts and feelings about each specific book I have read, has developed into a far deeper involvement with something needed to help all ideas become structured images, and intricate plots that are designed in the course of creating each non fictional world.Their lives and emotional depths develop into a well thought out storyline that each reader personally experience’s as they travel into this creative world.

It is a natural progression for those of us who love literacy, to want and need to become part of these amazing creation’s that Author’s develop. To many, all they see is a huge collection of letter’s, word’s and sentences all shuffled together to hopefully put into something readable and become part of a decent story.

Literacy, like anything that’s built, developed and created has very few bounderies to hold anyone artistically creative. As an idea is formed and plotted out those seemingly innocuous letter’s take that 1 simple step in developing and producing a collection of images that are bound together to create such lyrically flowing word’s. Those amazing thought’s that had been a jumble of nothing find themselves as a colorful structured unit showing everyone how this puzzle comes together, and paints in word’s the pictures and images we build from inside out into this beautiful life and world, complete with intense emotions that we individually need to express and feel.

Many word’s that we express, are accepted and understood due to the way our language has been grammatically built and developed over time. We feel emotions bubbling up from inside, yet those emotions cannot be touched, seen or physically related to in any way. Understanding of our thoughts, our ideas, and deep emotional being keeps us whole, helps us stay balanced within, and knows immediately when its time to allow those feelings out, to stay healthy and productive while we communicate to each other and to ourselves.

So these little lines that have artistically grown and developed as our culture’s change, become central to each person who live, giving us another form of art, so we can create a language that has some variation but is used as our ability to communice to each other, allows us to develop mental expression and understand our need to express beautiful thoughts into a form of expressive words. So to those of us who actually feel emotions from each word, creating our idea’s together into a story, gives us the ability to view those stories in our mind. From everything we create in our thoughts we can assemble new lives and world’s and actually live feel and experience as each character and their ideas are woven into an action packed fantasy or mystery for us to personally be a part of. Writing is the MAIN reason we have a culture, communication and a way to relay our thoughts in constructive avenues. Animals do communicate to a degree, with a great deal of understanding, between them but we are at the top of the chain because of our ability to COMMUNICATE and be CREATIVE.