…….If you’re like me, a perfect day is spent in a quiet spot in a comfortable chair, with a choice of Paranormal Romance book’s to pick from, and a small glass of wine would certainly be nice. is a platform that I have followed since becoming a Biblophile with E-book’s. This is a brilliant way for both Author’s and reader’s to meet in the middle.

As a reader we get the choice of hundreds of book’s for FREE, while the Author has their book promoted and networked into a huge audience. In many case’s a request is asked of the reader, to either join up with the Author’s newsletter, or leave a review for the E-book that they have given out for FREE, so that other readers see from another’s view what they thought of the book they have just read.

Often Instafreebie goes hand in hand with a Giveaway where you can W*I*N* different prizes from book’s to a Giftcard of $500 to Winning a Kindle 🔥 Fire Tablet, that you can use to just read your book’s from or run all your social media sites, and apps from keeping everything connected.

In the next couple of weeks I am going to introduce a number of different platforms that are terrific publisher’s who also have regular FREE BOOK presentations, for the purpose of connecting both Author and reader.

Any information you feel I definitely would be interested in, please do not hesitate to contact me, I will respond personally within a reasonable time so be aware I love hearing from anyone who wants to chat about book’s, or genuinely needs to find out any information they require from me Re; Promotions, blogging, Reviewing or Beta-reading.