..by Aaron L. Speer. This takes you to a completely New way to view the world of Vampire’s.

Aaron Speer is growing in leaps and bounds, becoming very well known for his unusual styles of narrative ability and broad imagination.

He could almost start a new genrè, with the changes he has developed into this series. Its wonderful to see how deeply an Author can go when they are prepared to open up to the world and show us the talent, abilities and style that they have personally developed as each book comes into being. Aaron is one Author who I am going to follow closely, for a number of reasons. Simply put. ……He is a writer and Author that fall’s into a very small group of extremely natural and talented artists, who give themselves over to their art, writing and a large part of who they are is found in each word they write. Yet I can vouch for the fact that his descriptive ability draw’s the reader’s into everything these characters are experiencing, seeing things from their perspective and understanding the depth of emotions each feels as they take on the challenges walking that fine line between reality and the world that lives parallel to what they have grown up to believe.

Since Ann Rice came into our lives and changed how we viewed the world of Nosferatu….”Vampire’s”….from being a grotesque creature who lived at night, hunting us and wanting nothing more than to drink our blood, while being able to look amazing as he sways anyone into doing what he wishes, as he appears extremely human. We are presented with this new version of the Vampire who is suddenly not a creature that feels nothing and only hunts but almost one who could be thought of as humane with all the attributes of a talented, intelligent gentle man/woman who has woven themselves into our lives to become an extension of the persona …human…normal and lives beside us trying to fight off the evil that the world of Vampire’s automatically brings to us.

So we have been introduced to Aaron’s world, one where you want nothing more than to continue reading about the lives of these amazing character’s, what they must deal with once awareness hits them while keeping your own beliefs and morals together while trying to keep everyone around you safe.Finally realising that you’re being kept in the dark by the one person who’s meant to protect you while you’re made aware by others of how insignificant you really are.
Their world has been part of the Sydney culture since being settled in the early 18th century, growing and weaving itself into the fabric of events while directing how their world and lives developed, and guaranting their continued existence and safety. Even though the general public is unaware they have lived here beside us since day one and controlled everything around them, they have quietly developed their lives into the complex world they exist within while making sure they keep up the appearance of normality.

We have been introduced into this amazing world that Aaron Speer has created, giving us a superb Paranormal storyline that’s keeping us both intrigued and challenged from so many different ways. His inate ability for description pulls you further into the experiences and emotions of the character’s while knowing the plot is creating a web of danger, intrigue, mystery and romance around this artfully created lifestyle. This is one series I am definitely not going to let pass by as I know that this novel will be tenacious especially when you become deeply involved in every aspect of the character’s lives and where they could end up, so be prepared for me to keep you updated as to how Aaron brings this to it’s conclusion.