Let’s get ready for Valentines Day. Look’s like a great read.

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Title: Valentine’s Dragon Style
Author: Serena Akeroyd
Release Day Feb 14th
TBR- https://goo.gl/c3t45G
Pre-Order – https://goo.gl/cVJJ1S


Georgios has a past.
In fact, he has more than a past. It’s a doozy of a heritage. With a murderer in the family and a mate stirring in the other realm, the last thing Ios needs is to continue a lineage that has messed with the fertility of all dragonkind.
There’s always a but, right?
Lara is… Well, to be frank, she’s his. Still, to save her from him, he’ll fight the mate bond. Do what he must to keep her safe because, when it boils down to it, she’s the only thing that matters.
Of course, there has to be a spanner in the works. Namely, it’s Lara. A Vampire with bigger balls than most guys, and his citrus fruit… Okay, okay, leman.
Destined to be together, this cellphone-loathing Dragon…

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