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“Torture With Pleasure” Teaser

“Tonight, my pet, I’m going to tie you. It’s going to be tight, and you won’t be able to move. I’m going to torture you with pleasure. When you give up what I want, I’ll reward you.” Another shudder ripples through her body.

“Do you understand?” She nods her head yes, but doesn’t answer. “Good.” I drag my hands over body and cup her breasts, squeezing their delicious plumpness in my palms.

“Lift your arms.” She does, and I pull her silk gold ribbed sweater over her head.

“When I’m done with you, your body will be covered with the rope marks.” Undoing her bra, her breasts fall free. “What do you think when you look at my marks?” I whisper with my mouth at her ear. Her breathing is heavy now. I fucking love it.

She closes her eyes tightly. “I think, ‘yours’.”

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