ANGEL’S KISS by Melanie Tomlin.

This is one of those special treat’s we get to read for F*R*E*E*

I was enthralled with this book, found that the storyline took me on one amazing ride.

Helene decided she wsnts to die, but when a Vampire tries to take her life she instinctively unleashes a mysterious deadly power she never knew that she had.

When Daniznel-an angel-arrives on the scene, he’s puzzled to find Helene alive and the Vampire dead.

Intrigued he decides to shelter her to see if he can help her find out exactly what happened. Together they discover she has become something neither of them suspected.

. Their growing attraction is soon threatened when the news of Helene’s unnatural abilities quickly spread. She becomes the target of many including a deadly hunt by the Vampire’s and Daniznel is suddenly placed in an impossible situation when told he must follow order’s and kill her.

With everything they face, death from every direction, who is going to survive, who will live. …who will die.

F*R*E*E* while available.