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ATL $Lim: Rise N’ Fall Of A Trap~$tar By Darrell King

Demetrius Morgan, better known as ATL $lim, southern hip~hop’s iconic, lean sipping, trap music megastar. His mumble rap mastery & blatant thuggish behavior was & is unsurpassed to this very day. This tale of the rap game’s darkside, explores both the glamour, wealth & fame as well as the deep depravity, dangerous criminality and grim underworld exploitation that concieved, birthed and nurtured ATL $lim, A formerly hardened young drug dealer, whose rough and tumble childhood growing up in west Atlanta ghettos and juvenile detention centers, fueled his fascination for for gritty, trap music and it’s hood~rich portrayals of life. Soon he would skyrocket to music fame, as one of the most prolific rap artists of his generation. An emblematic, driven, yet sadly fated celebrity whose troubling and conflicted life seemed to have been snuffed out all too soon.


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