FREE BOOKS – New Adult Noir(e)


This really is one of the best F*R*E*E* Book

Sites around. ..thankyou to Colby C Rice & , friends.

At New Adult Noir(e) to you have a variable variety of book’s in all Genrè as well as Categories. With what is available on each page there are literally 100’s of book’s ready to be downloaded onto your E-reader.

I have decided that today I will give you some idea of some of the genrè topics this site will bring you. You can Personally ‘Click’ onto the sites from the Headings and links I have downloaded for you, or just ‘Click’ onto the actual Link for Adult Noir(e)….then the choice is yours.

LOVED BY THE FAE Under the genrè of FANTASY

Charlotte Royalin

Above the link…photo goes directly to the general F*R*E*E*BOOK’S available, you get a little bit of everything before you find the specific genrè choices.

Blades Of Magic ( Crown Services.) Bk 1

New York Times Best-selling Author Terah Edun, has given us this superb book for FREE under the genrè of Fantasy.

By Terah Edun

Vampire Lover’s should definitely grab this book while available.

This particular Author is a favorite of mine and I was introduced to his work through this specific book. Jaxon Reed has been in the indie community for some time. If you have any questions for him at any time, he’s an Author who will immediately respond to your email.


By Jaxon Reed F*R*E*E*

Category; in both Urban Fantasy and Sci-fi

Here’s to the Author of the day…Colby R Rice….

Urban Fantasy has become HUGE in genrè and choice and this particular Author is superb in anything she writes.

The Given

By Colby R Rice

To give you an idea of the types of categories and the selection’s available I am going to list a few for you.

Angeles, Demon’s and Devil’s

God’s and Goddesses

Vampire’s and Werewolves

Witches and Wizard’s


Under each of those terrific categories are a great choice for you to grab at least a couple of book’s to try.

Then you are given your choice of genre. .ie..


Supernatural Thriller’s and Suspense

Urban Fantasy

Epic Fantasy

Dark Fantasy

Dystopian & Posts Apocalyptical

Paranormal Romance

Paranormal Crime and Mystery


Mystery and Suspense

Fairy Tale Retelling Myth, Legend, Folk Lore

I think that by now you are getting the idea of how Adult Noir(e) have set up their book’s.

Please be aware that this Giveaway was meant for February, buf most of the book’s are available for quite some time.

If you do click onto a book and find “Not Available” its simply because the Author must have only had their book’s up for a certain period of time.

Paranormal Romance

Along with the Paranormal and Supernatural categories is a genrè you will never run out of book’s from.

I can read this book any time. ..Kassandra Knight is one of those special Author’s whose book’s you will read and will definitely keep going back for more.

Dragon’s Awakening Dragon’s Prophesy Chronicles

By Kassandra Knight

This comes under ‘Dark Fantasy’

But I have seen this same book in most Fantasy book Giveaway’s. The Author has been very smart in their approach to development of both plot and character’s.

Demon’s Revenge

By Skye MacKinnon

Don’t forget all you need to do is ‘Click’ onto the link below or the cover to be taken to the post.

Unleashed Creation The Clan-Vampire Clash prequel

Fire bring’s Death

Fire bring’s Life

By Betsy Flak

This is going to be put on my E-reader asap, remember that this is available from Amazon so you can check even after this Giveaway is finished, if the book is still available for F*R*E*E* ☆☆ ENJOY YOUR TREAT’S ☆☆



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