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The Cabin
Justice is bitter.

It began with a simple hope and a need but got crazy quick.

For lifelong besties Suzie and Heather, it was obvious there would be a price for sweet justice eventually.

Karma is—after all—a subjective thing. And pain and pleasure can be as tangled as friendship.
But it’s not always so complicated.

We’ve all been there. We know that justice can be sweet. So what if, Heather and Suzie wondered, they found a way to turn it all around?

Maybe, if they thought hard enough, they could erase the bitter past and start anew one last time.
Or maybe not.
Hello justice:

We’ve been counting on you. Because rotting in a jail cell? Well that’s not an option…

With nothing left to lose, the lovable killer duo takes one last stab at redemption.
Welcome to THE CABIN.

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