Instafreebie – free ebook giveaways

Sword and Sorcery Fantasy available for

F*R*E*E* from

All your E-book’s are here to grab and fill your E-reader with

Only available for the month of March so please don’t take tooo much time to decide what you THINK you like. Just grsb those that catch your eye.

F*R*E*E* ☆☆☆ F*R*E*E* ☆☆☆

Here is the start of a wonderful relationship between you and your book’s.


The Twin Cities series

By J.B.Cameron

This is a new book I just downloaded from Instafreebie, I really hope you find a few new book’s to read and enjoy.

Please if possible. ..not a must. …but if you enjoy your book’s would you mind leaving a comment about the book on one of the major E-book sites. Every little bit of response back from the reader’s has a huge impact on the Indie Author’s.

Thankyou in advance for those of you who do….

Jackson Kross & the

Dragon Girl

By A.J. Anthony

This Author is very quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

I hope you enjoy the book’s available from Instafreebie, if you haven’t found anything that’s really your thing, don’t worry I have a few other book FREEBIE’S just around the corner. ….



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