Don’t miss this rip-roaring new book by Jeff Lee…..

This book is definitely going to be one to attract a little attention.

I was lucky enough to read a Beta copy, and was absolutely amazed at the quality and tenacity of this Author’s writing style.

At the moment this is just a cover reveal and a basic introduction to everyone what is on it’s way. This is one book that anyone who has their own idea’s on political interests or thought’s will find this enthralling. If you enjoy something funny intriguing and full of characters who you would meet at the nearest coffee shop, then this is one storyline you’re going to LOL to and find putting it down almost impossible.

During mid April S.C.R.O.T.U.S. will have a “Live” Reveal and will be available on most platforms you can buy E-book’s from. As far as pre-orders go, I think it’s a little close, but hey anything is possible. As soon as the links are available I will post them here for you all to take a look at.

Enjoy the blurb…follow the link to the Facebook page and see what other’s are saying….