Jeff is well known within the industry as someone who knows how to find the Humour in every situation.

After spending more than 30 years working as a copywriter and creative director for some of advertising industry’s most recognizable agencies, winning numerous awards for his creativity.None of those agencies are still in the business.

But Jeff … is his way. ….seems to have a solid alibi, that is he is still around.

Born in New York state, Jeff Lee was raised in the San Francisco Bay area and has spent his entire writing career in Los Angeles, where it seems that LA has had a very colorful and eventful induction into the world of his character’s. I can assure you, if he did’nt have a wonderful sense of humor laughing at the world outside his windows, these amazing character’s would never have had the pleasure of meeting us through his narrative abilities.

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This Lady “SHAWNA” is the balance to “FISH” who is the Outstanding ‘Repo Man” for the star’s.

This superb novel will keep you laughing, even in the Isles of the Supermarket.

Hurricane Kretschman is another superbly choreographed mystery murder comedy, written by Jeff Lee. I was amazed at the creativity and imagery in this awesome book, and found myself engrossed in this unusual yet hilarious storyline of biker’s having a great time while being involved in the politic’s of the local govener.

You wouldn’t believe where this story goes…..



If you like your book’s to be full of contravercy and entertainment, then this really is a book you should definitely read. Available in April. …Be prepared. .