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Untold Tales of Dolly Williamson


A young detective in the special branch of Scotland Yard is called in to investigate the murder of an investment banker, he is reminded of past encounter’s with the occult and request’s help from Sister Rose Caldwell, an expert in mystical art’s.

The body count continues to rise and the mystery deepens after the enigmatic Necronist Guild provide clues to the origins of the first murder.

HELEN BLACK the attic


Jennifer Luck is finally of to Kale University a college for specially gifted young women. Now she is free of her crazy ass mother Merilee and the attic room which is where Jennifer has spent her first eighteen years of her life thus far.

Only now, Jennifer is about to discover that monster’s don’t live in the closet or under bed’s, but dwell from within, inside people like her mother and Dean Hammer, Head mistress of Kale and perhaps even inside some of her classmates.

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