The Lunar Effect (The Ayla St. John Chronicles Book 1) eBook: C.J. Pinard, Book Cover By Design: Kindle Store



When you grow up thinking you’re human, and suddenly turn into a wolf just after your 17th birthday, during the full moon, life can become somewhat traumatic.

Thankful for the help of her two older brother’s, Ayla St John learn’s to accept the wolf inside of her. Then she meets Ryder, the swoon worthy high school football star who is impossible to resist.

Despite being thrust into a supernatural world she didn’t know existed, Ayla was determined to go to college and try to keep up a normal life, even with the full moon isdue each month.

Shattering events cause her to move to Denver, where she is plagued by psychic visions. Her life involving the supernatural suddenly becomes extremely complicated, and Ayla find’s she must grow up much quicker than she ever thought.

The ‘Lunar Effect’ is Bk 1 in the Ayla St John Chronicles, and is a Paranormal Romance for reader’s 18 and older.

By C J Pinard.

THIS BOOK IS F*R*E*E* Through Kindle Unlimited.

Psychic’s battle aliens for the future of Earth- and Love is the ultimate weapon.

Due to events beyond their control, Adrian and Beverly are trapped in a union neither of them wanted. Dispite their profound differences, growing attractions draws them together. I they can learn to love and trust each other, the soul bond, in which they are joined, can make both of them far more powerful than either alone. If not it might kill them

As the aliens approaches, Adrian and Beverly struggle to overcome the fears and prejudices that keep them apart. Only by uniting hearts and bodies as well as souls can they hope to survive and save earth from destruction.

The ‘Red Sky In The Morning’ is the first book in THE COVENANT OF THE RAINBOW, a seven-book series featuring a diverse array of protagonists. It contains adult content and is intended for reader’s 18+ and older.


Full price for E-book is $3.20 US

Full price for E-book is $3.99AU

Please check your prices…..


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