This is a book that was recommended to me by another reviewer. Once I read book 1….that was it, Bk 2 I grabbed immediately but it wasn’t FREE at the time.

So YEEHH !! This is wonderful, I have been able to get the Trilogy for F*R*E*E*. This is a series that is usually around $10.60 US to purchase, because these are being called some of the BEST New Fantasy series around. This Author has an amazing talent in the way she is able to relate information about subjects that work there way into people’s character or their lifestyles.

Impressive character’s who are presented superbly as the REAL Bad Guys, adrenaline rush, Love and forgiveness are all part of certain character’s personalities so as the reader’s description of individuals become’s understood Cheree creates the storyline that’s giving us a perfect example of how the action of other’s can have a devistating effect on a whole community or a country.

I actually thought I was getting another “Fallen Angel” type of book, until I started reading, then I couldn’t put it down. Yes Galdoni are Angels, but they have not come to Earth via spiritual means.

Galdoni have been bred by scientists for the purpose of fighting to the death as a TV program. The whole reason for their being is $$$$$ money. From the show, where they fight each other to the death, the scientists and owners are making a huge amount of money, with absolutely no thoughts about the living breathing lives they use and abuse just to get money.

One of the Galdoni…..Kale finds himself suddenly FREE.

A mistake has been made and Kale finds himself in and among human’s. This becomes the light to view his life as he has been living it up to now. When understanding kicks in and he can see the similarities between the two types people, he realized there is so much more to himself, discover’s that his life as he had believed it to be wasn’t a life at all. He and his people are taught to consider themselves as bred for the enjoyment of humanity. Fighting each other and destruction to whoever challenges him is all he has ever known. Now among people he discovers his own humanity and learns quickly that they are worthwhile, and should have rights and their own lives.

Kale has never even had a friend, you would end up killing them some day, so any type of relationship with other Galdoni is not allowed. Suddenly he finds that the female of our species are full of emotions and everything sensual. Knowledge become’s his power and strength, to find that you can have friends who will stand beside you to help or die for you is something that takes awhile to accept. But what becomes very obvious quickly is just how deeply women help them become WHOLE. To love another allows a strength and completeness to grow and develop, especially when its from the love between a man and a woman. Two people are as one whole person, this book is so descriptively written with an Author who knows exactly how to relay her thought’s and idea’s to her reader’s that the evil tendencies we see growing through the community are shown to us by the action’s of individual character’s. Well written and thought provoking, showing the reader’s what greed can do within a group of people, how much of a domino effect this characteristic can have.

Cheree Alsop has outdone herself with this series, perfect for YA reader’s giving them a real view of how badly humanity can be towards anyone who appears to be a little different, so are then worthless. For a species that has the ability to love, desire, cherish so deeply its amazing that we can inflict pain and fear so easily.







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A Brilliant Fantasy that any YA would have trouble putting down.

GALDONI Into The Fire Bk 2

By Cheree Alsop

You will be surprised at how this will effect your reading tales of Love, Loss, Redemption, Pain and Hope. Word’s cannot reflect the beauty of the soul’s & their depths as they are written in these pages.

We now have actual Hero’s, Kale and Saro who are fighting authorities for Galdoni’s freedom and rights. They are trying desperately to live their lives like normal human beings while also being given permission to live amongst the humans.

This book also has romance and like the previous hero Saro learns quickly that as an individual as well as being one half of a relationship, they actually become better men, stronger inside themselves while becoming complete with a female partner.

Saro has to take this one step further, he meets a woman who anyone would think had been made for Saro. BUT she’s not just a human female, she is something that shouldn’t exist from what they had been told. Galdoni women didn’t exist from what they were told, something to do with genes not connecting during the breeding period. So Saro almost passed out when he realized that the woman for him was a female Galdoni who was also in hiding

So now Saro has found that one person who made him complete, and while he has changed the way he understood his life should really be, fighting for the owner’s was a hard habit to reject as this had been their whole existence. Now its imperative that Saro decides what his reason is for fighting, does he continue to fight to kill and destroy as he was taught, or does he now understand what is his priority is where fighting is concerned. Now he has a reason to act on his deeply ingrained emotion’s of hostility, competition and pain, the lives of Galdoni are now his no 1 concern, after ensuring the saftey and priority of his partner, he knew what he could or would put into this realistic lifestyle choice, he would happily die if need be to keep those who he loved or were family, alive.

F*R*E*E* From

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GALDONI BK 3 Out Of The Darkness

By Cheree Alsop

Certain things in the lives of the Galdoni had definitely been considered as important when it came to the integration programs. One of those were Education and Reece had been one of the first Galdoni allowed to actually go to school as part of the program. Combating hostility, hypocrisy and his own instincts to fight Reece had been worried about not being able to resist the natural instinct to fight. One day Ava walks into his classroom and he is torn by the way he is drawn to the female Galdoni, plus he had major concerns as to how Ava might react or believe some of the thing’s that were being discussed about him.

When the school is attacked and a major threat appears Reece suddenly has to experience and feel emotion’s he had never faced before, fear ,pain, heartache all due to ensuring Ava, the school and the Galdoni would never again become a target, experiencing such deep felt reactions Reece was introduced to his humanity.

Cheree Alsop has an amazing talent in writing well thought out and provoking storyline’s, with her descriptive imagery

and creative narration, she brings to the attention of the reader’s some of the ugliness and evil that greed can create,

as well as the depth of feeling love can develop from understanding the messages that different character’s present to us throughout the book. Through these awesome book’s Cheree shows us, through her written imagination that everyone, no matter the problem, deserves a second chance.

This is an amazing opportunity to grab this Trilogy for absolutely nothing. How long it will last I cannot say, so please pop over to Amazon or Goodreads and grab your book’s today.

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