Sometimes the fates have other ideas in mind.

Ryanne Aldin has always been the shy studious type who did her own thing.

In one night all that changed, with the act of a drunk driver, Ryanne’s mother was killed, and she find’s herself more alone than ever.

A local women steps in to help, and she find’s herself drawn to the local bookstore to read and relax.

There she meets Colton Wagner, who seemed to awake something in her, something she never knew existed. It had been prophesied that a non mage female would end the chaos that had been created by the rogue mages, Ryanne has suddenly become their prime target when hearing about her talent’s.

Feeling like she carried the world on her shoulder’s Ryanne decided to take steps to help wherever she can. So with Carlton’s family, a healer and dreamwalker, & a loud mouthed mage, Ryanne set’s out on the journey of a lifetime. …..who knows where this may go!!!!

A superb novel for any young adult who loves fantasy with plenty of action, adventure and some romance to tie it all together. ….


By Kaitlyn Hoyt

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