Fantastic Creatures: A Fellowship of Fantasy Anthology eBook: H. L. Burke, David Millican, Arthur Daigle, Craig A. Price Jr., Intisar Khanani, A. R. Silverberry, Lea Doué, Nicole Zoltack, D. G. Driver, Vincent Trigili, Julie C. Gilbert, Katy Huth Jones, L. Palmer, Kandi J. Wyatt, Morgan Smith, Lelia Rose Foreman, Frank B Luke, Jessica L. Elliott, Bokerah Brumley, Caren Rich: Kindle Store

Here you are going to be introduced to a number of Author’s who are ALL part of a TRILOGY of book’s.
We know thrm as “A Fellowship of Fantasy Anthology ” to say their collection of book’s cover almost everything I can think of in the Supernatural and Paranormal /Fantasy genrè is a slight understatement.…

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