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Immortal Warriors (Bk’s 4-6)

By HT Night

Book # 4 Werewolf without a cause.

Tommy Jenkins is a fighter who has lost Meya, his one true love. He is also a lone werewolf. All Tommy has left in the world is his fight career and his best friend, young Josiah Reign, Maya’s brother and rising MMA fighter. Josiah is also trying to work through the pain. This is Tommy’s long awaited story about the aftermath of his tragic loss of Meya and the overwhelming responsibility of mentoring Josiah.

Book# 5 Angel Love Story.

Tommy is one tough son of a bitch. He is a mixed martial arts fighter. ….and a werewolf. When the love of Tommy’s life returns from beyond the veil he realises she can only be seen but never be touched. Heard but never kissed.Sensed but nothing more. Now he faces two incredible challenges that will test his character and resolve. Tommy is about to make the decision of a lifetime. …in this world and the next. Will love find a way.

Book# 6 Werewolf Lost.

Since loosing Maya, Tommy has been running amok with drinking, women and street gights. But now Lena is here, she is not Maya, but she is beautiful funny and sweet.Worst of all she’s his best friend’s girlfriend – and she’s a vampire. Werewolves don’t fall in love easily, but when they do, they fall hard. But if this big bad werewolf doesn’t keep his emotion’s in check there’s going to be hell to pay-with Josiah.

This Box-set gives you now 6 book’s you can grab for free in this series. This is the follow up to books 1-3 grab this set NOW while you can.


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