Blade’s Honor (Ishtar’s Legacy Book 2) – Kindle edition by Lisa Blackwood. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @

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BLADE’S HONOR (Ishtar’s Legacy)

Warrior Woman, protector of the crown Prince. Avenging blade of the Goddess Ishtar.

Rescued from her Grandfather’s dungeon by the king of the Gryphon’s, Enkara wishes to repay that great debt by serving as one of the Elite Shadow Guard’s who protect the Royal Line. But the God’s have far bigger plan’s for her, her destiny is much greater, as she has the Special Mark/Seal she is one of the Goddess Ishtar’s Avenging Blades, born into the world when danger stalk’s the Royal Line.

Even though this brings more attention than she wants, Crown Prince Kuwan is her closest friend and their bond cannot be broken, unlike any other Blade and Prince before them.

There is always an evil lurking in the shadow’s somewhere.

Ereshkigal Queen of the Underworld also has her eyes on these two amazing character’s, she is determined to find any way possible steal Enkara and Kuwan away from her younger sister, evenif she has to destroy the Gryphon Kingdom to do it.

How are these two special people going to avoid what could be the destruction of the Kingdom. ….

Category> Kindle ebook> Romance> Paranormal> Werewolves & Shifter’s.

Price of the E-book is $ 3.99 US.

Price of the E-book is $ 5.20 AU


THE BEWITCHING HOUR. (Bewitching Hour series Bk5)

She walked away year’s ago. But Magic has a wsy of creeping back in. When she tries to give the Detective a hint to set him on the right direction of the investigation he’s a part of, Sam find’s herself getting sucked in further into this investigation than she ever thought possible. Detective Dereck Pierce tries to put together bits of what Sam told him along with the facts that he already has, finding the case getting weirder by the minute.

Sam realizesthe killer is closer than ever and Dereck is the only one who can prevent this killer from destroying everything that means the world to her. Sure she can tell him what’s going on, but then HE becomes the focus, the target, it will get him killed??

**WARNING** This is not a Standalone Novel. Sam and Dereck have more stories to tell

Categories> Kindle ebook> Romance> Paranormal> Wizard’s & Witches.


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