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By Lola Rayne

This is one of those stories you could laugh at if you hadn’t been in the exact same situation yourself in the past.

Meet Mia Thompson, the quiet one of the group. She suddenly has a major problem to deal with.

Her best friend, Taylor, believes that her boyfriend has been playing up on her and is going to dump her. She’s wrong naturally but how is Mia meant to stop her from doing something she is definitely going to regret.

Taylor is determined to show her other half that she is quite capable of finding someone else. So suddenly Mia has to stop her, HOW? ?? This is not her area of expertise, all she can think of doing is being in the position if intervention, preventing Taylor from meeting up with whoever.

Faux couldn’t believe his luck. To find Mia at the same venue as he was. It was pretty obvious she had her hand’s full with the bitchy princess Taylor, but she was not Faux’s cup of tea, Mia was far more to his liking.

From what he could see, Mia was having a few problems trying to stop Taylor from being her usual stupid self. What an amazing chance had come his way finally, Mia couldn’t just brush him off, she’s going to need all the help she can to control Taylor. Now he’s finally in the position to get her attention.

Nothing could have prepared him for her, the quiet one who had more to know than he could ever guess!!

Categories> Kindle ebook> genrè fiction> Coming of Age.

Price for E-book is $ .87c US

Price for E-book is $ .99c AU

Link for purchase is below



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