I like your perspective on the writer’s block.

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What if writer’s block was actually a status to be proud of, a state to be pursued? Enjoyed, celebrated even? It does come with its own benefits, after all. We try so hard to escape it. Why don’t we rather embrace it? Yes, what if we discovered that writer’s block wasn’t such a such a very bad thing?

The following seven-step guide is for all who want to wallow in writer’s block in all its glory. Enjoy!

  1. Believe in it.

    You can’t have something that you don’t first believe is a reality.

  2. Get diagnosed.

    Self-diagnosis is best. Think you have writer’s block? You probably do. Embrace it!

  3. Tell everyone about it.

    The more you draw attention to the fact that you are experiencing “writer’s block,” the more likely you are to perpetuate it.

  4. Adopt it as your current project.

    Who doesn’t like the prestige of having this thing you are currently…

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