Here is a terrific Giveaway from Bookfunnel;

You have plenty to choose from, enough to fill your E-reader with, take time off for yourself and enjoy your treat’s.

RAZED VIOLENT (Black Star Chronicles)

What do you do when a group of terrorists kill’s your father in front of you. Kill them all?? Yes, you kill them all.

After spending the morning with her father, Kali witness’s his murder. As her heart breaks she chases after them with one purpose. …..to KILL THEM ALL.

Razes Violent is the prequel, short story to ESCAPE VELOCITY

Of the black Star Chronicles.

We Have Some Superb E-book’s To Pick From;

Do NOT miss out on almost 50 F*R*E*E* FANTASY E-book’s

You will find other Giveaway’s. …I will have other’s for you in the next day…but the QUALITY of these fantasy novel’s is out of this world. …..


This woman will not hesitate to take on any demon from any of the seven hills, but none are as terrifying as those in her own mind.

Baezha is a gifted sorceress, Aleena Kurrin her sister, is a gifted warrior, together they have faced countless foes. But now Baezha must face what she fear’s most….her past.

She fled her home town Oleppo after her world ended in fire and blood and left her crippled with guilt. The forces that

destroyed her world have taken over Oleppo and grown even stronger, now she must return to Oleppo to sort things out.

The WATCHERS is a secret society of religious zelots fanatically devoted to the extinction of magic. All connected in a very wide circle. One that Baezha must deal with and sort out.


This is another example of what you can grab from this terrific Fantasy Giveaway; All you need to do is follow the link above to go to the extra book’s available.

DIAMOND by Tigris Eden

Beyond the red door everything has a price. On an Earth nearly destroyedby a Comet, chaos reigns and monster’s roam. Only one woman may have found a way through terror, to justice and peace. But standing in her way is the man who is Sovereign.

He is the one with whom this beautiful woman must bargain. ……using her body.

Only with his help can she battle her way through the web of secrets and lost memories which surround her. But the sovereign Diamond is not the only one who wantsher. There are other’s. …..and they may even be more dangerous.

Don’t miss this dark, Exciting Dystopian adventure


I figured we play the music, we change the world just like old times. …”

Imagine living in a world where music is outlawed and musicians are hunted and executed. Innocents are held hostage by the tyranny of the Empire. They are to powerful – no one dares stand against them. …Until now!!

With an all star cast including one of the biggest bands in history, James and the Stargazer’s is a Hillarious attempt at change you don’t want to miss.



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