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Jeff Lee has been hiding in his writing cave for the best part of the year. Admittedly I am aware of what he was writing about, but even so, when an Author writes you step back and leave them to complete their art.

To say that I was amazed by his choice of character’s and plot, would be a slight understatement, but I will be the first to admit, when Jeff chooses his idea’s for his book’s, you can be assured that you certainly don’t need to worry about it getting boaring in any way.

As a writer/Author I have to admit that he has a brilliant gift especially with his narrative abilities. Many Author’s have their own techniques on how they find is the best way to write their book, but if I tried to follow how this Author does it I would spend most of my time trying to remember where the next part of the storyline is meant to connect .

Hilarious is an understatement, Jeff superbly incorporates within the book character’s who you cannot help chuckling at, especially some of the problems and how they deal with them is so eye opening, especially when in reality you can actually see it happening so this gives you a little idea of how good this novel is. As you travel through the world of SCROTUS it’s impossible to forget that this storyline runs parallel to the real world, with one exception, with the action and dramatic adventure’s Fish and his band of 1970’s style of unconventional Repo and Security guy’s who would happily follow Fish to Mars and back, you cannot help but try to stay quiet as each one of them end’s up in some sort of crazy act or situation. While trying to sort out the best way to deal with the issue, one or all four will end up giving you the funniest yet extremely possible result with how THEY deal with problem bailee’s or non paying customers.

So S C R O T U S …So Called Ruler Of The U S will take you through how powerful people often handle circumstances that are presented to them. Even though this really is a topic that is close to many people’s heart’s enjoy how this whole senario is being presented to you for your enjoyment and thought’s.

The Event That is coming up on the 16th of May will give you every opportunity to ask Jeff any questions that you might have. We really want to see you ALL THERE !!…

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