Your about to get my own review posted on plus all nominated sites. Absolutely loved the book and your writing style.

Dancing Butterfly by Debra Parmley

Butterflies Fly Free 1920’s Flappers Series, Book 2

Belo Dia Publishing Incorporated; 1 edition (March 29, 2018)

Historical Romance

51XZmlfxpRL._SY346_“Shimmy hard enough and nothing can hurt you.” – Suki Suki aka Susan Chesterfield, is finally being asked to dinner by Frank Omato, one of Al Capone’s enforcers, after finishing her dance number at the Green Mill in Chicago, when gunmen enter the club with their Thompson submachine guns, ready to take out Al and anyone else in his gang or in their way. Frank saves Suki’s life, pushing her out of the way and she escapes down the secret stairs behind the bar only to fall and break her foot. Everyone who knows how is escaping down the tunnels underneath Chicago’s streets which were used to deliver hootch to all the speakeasies on the route. But Suki can’t make her way out alone. She needs…

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