Everyone is Invited to the “Introduce SCROTUS to the world” party, on May 16th 2018.

Start time is 9am – 7pm finish.

This is the day everyone can ask the questions that have been jostling around in their head, about SCROTUS!!

I know one of my first question’s was….”how did you come up with that name” and I must admit, the answer was not quite what I expected. …but you are going to have to come to the party to find out what the answer is. …

PRE-ORDER’S are available for ONLY .99c

Until May 16th.

Actually I think the cover gives the book that final touch.

I thought today I would introduce you to some of the character’s Jeff Lee has created for this amazing book, plus their favorite play thing’s. Having a book that has plenty of mystery, political intrigue, suspense and drama it’s wonderful to know that the character’s can laugh at everything they get involved in, even when the situation becomes deadly.

Shawna Kretschman has been larger than life, in both of the last two book’s. A woman who likes to take on a challenge and doesn’t know how to back down. But she has finally found the man who agrees with her life view’s, and know’s how to handle the craziness that seems to follow her around. “Fish” Fishbein find’s in Shawna the one thing he’s been looking for. ..

As you have probably already worked out, one of their favorite past times for everyone who is connected to the Repo Man to the star’s, is to get on their favorite HARLEY and ride North or South, away from all the drama of their daily lives. If given a choice of how to get from point A to point C “Fish” Kenny or Einstein will pick their bikes over an enclosed car any day.

Wow!! When Shawna becomes # 4 in the team, it’s as if she became a major balancing weight to the team. But this lady draw’s just as much attention to herself as her knewly found friends.

But if you wanted a huge problem to be dealt with, then this is the team you definitely want behind you. So when the President comes into Town for a visit, it seems like he takes a huge liking to the Sheriff of the Sioux Nation.

Both Shawna and Fish have settled into a quiet corner of the Reservation and have been enjoying the quiet. .

What do you do in this crazy ass situation, meet Shawna Kretschman and find out.

So you agree with the photo above. .then you certainly will love this book. Come over to the Release Party in May 16th and find out who…what and where ….with what happens to the general public and those who are in Congress.

This is one book you REALLY don’t want to miss out on.

I hope you decide to grab a copy of this superb read and enjoy the road Jeff takes you down, it’s definitely entertaining and thought provoking. Check out his website. ..details are above. .


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