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One moment.
Two lives.
Their last chance for love.
Inara’s never second-guessed a shot, not until the disaster in Colombia—the disaster that led to Coop’s death.
Drifting, off balance, her emotions out-of-control, she has to pull it together before she’s benched for good.
Royce understands Inara’s pain. A stroke may have broken his body, but a mountain of guilt crushed his soul. He needs to pick up the shattered pieces of his life and rebuild. He’s a fighter, but sometimes even the strongest warrior needs help from someone special.
When Inara’s past threatens Royce’s future, she has to take a stand. Love is a battle, and a good soldier commits fully.
Can Inara pull the trigger when it matters most?
And if so, can she live with the consequences?
Grab In Her Sights now and find out!

Patricia D. Eddy
Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy / Erotic Romance

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