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Sins of Seven – Book Four

I’m an asshole.
I make no apologies for it.

My life has been spent drenched in the blood of my enemies.
It’s the family legacy which was left to me when my brother walked out.
Women are pawns in a game for pleasure. Nothing more.
Until her. Madison Parker.
I’m enthralled. I’m captivated. But my past is far too dark.
Pushing her away is my only option.
But her stubborn, sassy mouth, and those beautiful eyes weaken me.
I save her as much as she does me, but when blood is spilled,
I know I’ll forever live with the guilt.
Can I ever find salvation? Or can light fight through my darkness?

*This is romantic suspense story. It may be best to read Indulge prior to this story, but it is not imperative. Due to scenes…

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