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Amazon: http://mybook.to/Samsara2018
IBooks for iOS users https://apple.co/2IuOp6l
Barnes & Noble https://bit.ly/2tG59lx

Samsara is a contemporary romance with paranormal themes.

Tortured for years by recurring nightmares of a drowning woman,
and the man she left behind,
the sense that she knew these strangers plagued her,
Now a freshman in college, she wanted nothing more than a normal life,
a life that could start, if only she could deny the gift that the women in her family possessed.
Clay was not in the cards for her new life, but he entered it by storm.
How would she reveal her secret, without losing him?
She was his, before she was her own.
He lost his heart a long time ago,
The last thing he was looking for was love,much less with Luna.
She was young enough to be his daughter,
but he craved her like a drug,
When she revealed…

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