Enjoy your treat for the week. Those eho want Paranormal Romance and Fantasy don’t worry it’s on it’s way a little later in the day……….YE-HA !! HAVE FUN….

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A weekend & Early start to the …week book’s …to escape with. Go to the world ‘s you enjoy and forget where your body really is. This is the way to have a holiday without moving an inch Lol….…

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I have always enjoyed Sci-fi right from my younger years, and have read some of the best Author’s book’s. Now I must say that Joe Vasicek has to be one of the best Sci-fi Author’s around at this time. He has a natural ability to write at numerous levels, so no matter who read’s his book’s everyone is covered with the style, quality and level of reading required. THIS IS A MUST if you enjoy Sci-fi. .

This is one of those book’s you are going to find jn nearly every Giveaway dimply because it fits into almost every genrè…..