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I am going to give you a selection of book’s that are available from Instafreebie. These book’s are available from early September through to end of September while some go through until mid October. …..PLEASE make sure you check the dates before downloading the E-book. …..

Plenty of book’s to choose from here is the link to connect with this Instafreebie Giveaway

https ://


These are ALL F*R*E*E* and Discounted Book’s Available from both the Author and ….

Book #1 in the series F*R*E*E* AVAILABLE FOR F*R*E*E*……

This series I have been told is exceptional and very hard to put down. Book #1 is F*R*E*E* GRAB your copy TODAY

I know that this Series became available for the Gift-card Giveaway on September 12th, and I am not sure if the Gift-card Giveaway is still active. …..BUT…. I wanted you to know about book #1 in the series as being F*R*E*E* so you might be lucky enough to still get in on this Giveaway ok….GOOD LUCK. .

If I kept going on this post with the BOOK GIVEAWAY’S we would still be here tomorrow. ….

Will do another post with ALL the details. ….

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