F*R*E*E* BOOK’S please check your prices before purchasing. ….

Evergreen Box-set, this is a superb buy, you get a 4 book series for the same price as one book.

Even though this is an E-book, the whole series costs less than the cost of a cup of coffee. Plus remember that this novel is written by an Author who is exceptional in relaying their storyline and content in a creative and descriptive dialogue, if you enjoy Paranormal this is definitely your cup of tea.


Price for the E-book is. …….. $2.99 US

Price for the E-book is. …….. $4.18 AU


Price for the E-book is. ….. .70c US

Price for the E-book is. …..90c AU

Dark Stranger Revealed ( The Children of the Gods, Paranormal Romance Book #2) is part of the same series and from what I have read via the reviews, it sounds like a series well worth reading

Are you a lover of Ghost Stories, then you definitely should meet Jane Risdon and get to know her and her book’s.

Jane contributes every year to these Ghost anthologies and in the process has met with some of the Best Authors of crime, mystery, detective novels in the USA and Europe. ..plus Canada.

2018 look’s like Plaisted Publishing Houses is where all of this creative talent is culminating, I believe this novel is going to take us into a world of intriguing circumstances and ghostly adventure’s.

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