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A review of “A Vampire’s Tale” by Maya Tyler

As someone who loves Paranormal romance, I was automatically drawn to this storyline with major curiosity. Maya Tyler has done it again with this unique ability she has of drawing in the reader totally into the world she has created. In some way’s, from jennlyreads review, I am somewhat reminded of Anne Rice’s “Interview with a Vampire”, even though its very apparent, this is a Tyler story not a Rice’s story, there are certainly some similarities. That being said I cannot wait to get my hand’s on the book this review has done it’s job drawing in a reader/blogger who now has a deep interest in the how, where and definitely why’s of this awesome book. Actually it has been placed at the top of my TBR pile and I have pre ordered it already. If your a ‘Vampire Lover’ don’t pass this one up because I believe you will be VERY pleasantly surprised.

Jennly Reads

Full disclosure, I was provided an advanced copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

An action packed paranormal romance

Marisa Clements is not your average romance novelist. An introvert by choice, she is rarely seen outside of her house; her only companion being her laptop and her vampire romance novels.  With a nonexistent love life, she relies on her vivid imagination as fuel for her craft.  Being a skeptic writing about the paranormal doesn’t make the task easier, but it at least pays the bills. Enter Corgan Halton, the “fictional” lead in her newest vampire yarn. Dark, dashing, tortured, passionate….and standing in Marisa’s apartment. But how can this be? Vampires aren’t real, right?

Corgan’s appearance in Marisa’s apartment wasn’t by chance. He is aware of her vocation and many other aspects of her life. Corgan is tired of the world’s misconceptions of vampires and…

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Romance Between The Pages Weekly Podcast with Victoria Danann & Riley J. Ford Present **Mandy M. Roth**

Mandy M Roth, I’d an Inspirational Author. This lady has that natural ability to have her reader’s become one with the storyline & characters. You can’t help but be drawn in and go through the challenges and experiences these wonderful characters endure within the novel. If you love Paranormal or anything a little different and you like becoming part of their dream, you Must read ANY & ALL of Mandy Roth’s book’s.

A Big Thanks and More Freebies!

Love These promotional deal’s, everyone wins and some awesome Author’s get acknowledged and readers get to meet great Author’s, it’s a WIN WIN for all

Author Lila Vale

I’d like to thank everyone who helped with our Teabreeze promo! It was a great success, and we made it all the way to #3 on Amazon’s top 100 free in the Occult genre!! So cool! We couldn’t have done it without all of your hard work and help! THANK YOU!!!

If you’re still hankerin’ to feed your Kindles without dinging the bank account, I’ve got a couple here that some awesome author friends are offering for free today!

Like sexy vamps? Aaron Speer is offering Night Walker for free! I believe this promo ends tomorrow, but don’t take my word for it — grab it today just in case!! 

Bound by an Echo by Julia Clare and Virginia Johnson is free today only!! This one is a romantic suspense!

There you go! Awesome books, unbeatable prices… everybody wins!! 😉

What’s on the agenda for me today? Well, I’ve got a…

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To Think That In Many Homes This Still Applies  have a look ; Check it out this New Young Author has touched on area’s that in many way’s are still very realistic to many Today. Having a Tale of Fiction, written where situation’s, circumstances and definitely personal relating are  high on both the Artist and Reader’s agenda, Could be both Smart or Unwise, but if you read the book The Complete Awareness yet subtle Consideration, presented by this Author, ensures this book is More Than just Word’s on Paper. Creating Something that could be controversial shows the Depths Of Her Heart, Understanding and Natural Ability to Mould this Storyline where it can be read easily and enjoyed by everyone, yet assisting in many way’s toward’s the healing process of certain reader’s, who KNOW EXACTLY, what and why  this wonderful book is presented to us as such.

So to Cap Off The Results Of This Exceptional Book, It Is A MUST BE READ BOOK!! Or Your Missing Something That Is Truly Unique, while also understanding How She Achieved The Results and Ending That She Did. A BOOK EXCEPTIONALLY HARD TO PUT DOWN, WHILE LEAVING A MARK ON YOUR ON PHSYCI /DEPTHS, THAT WILL PERMIT YOU AN UNDERSTANDING, TO SEE BEYOND THE HERE & NOW AND REALISING THE LEVELS THIS WORLD LIVES BY!!. 

Microbe’s D.N.A. Cellular Activity :Check it out. H.S.L. Is hosting a travelling exhibit that will get your mind whirling!! As most people know many thing’s that grow in Nature are used daily in a variety of ways, this exhibition gives you numerous examples of how Bacteria, Yeast,Moulds etc can work in the most opposing way’s, yet assist us with both health and Industry. The Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health & The National Museum of American History, have bought us Urgently Required Information on how we can use what Mother Nature has provided, for medical (Health) to Industrial (Social) in many brilliant way’s. Many of “recipes” used have been around for year’s, Yeast for Beer, Mould’s used in cheese and in certain Medical ‘life Saving’ proceedure’s, all able to cause major sickness as well as restoring people’s health. FINALLY!! We have come full circle, finding those who examine the problems and potential of quality of life, realise we don’t need to destroy Nature to live and survive, harnessing rather than ignoring help’s with every concern created, regarding taking care of not only the animals that live in & on this planet, but also the planet itself, any education passed on to future generations, can and will achieve humongous results. So going into the deep forests of the Amazon to find and collect certain specific Mould’s for both medical & Social use is Leaps and Bounds in the Perfect Direction, Collecting Bacteria for Medicinal purposes rather than Destructive uses can only be applauded and helped in any way possible. So!!  Visit The H. S. L. And enjoy the potential & proceedures being developed (even there problem’s) letting your children and friends to witnesses the steps being taken for both those living on this planet and the efforts taken to help and assist the planet’s welfare. 

Saying “I Love You” Means Loving All the Parts, Not Just the Pretty Ones #MondayBlogs

Exactly, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, is the most intensely beautiful feeling and expression in this crazy life of ours. If lucky enough to find that one person, grab hold on and become one with, the other half of, that very special person who completes you to the depths of your soul.

POTL: All Things Books, Reading and Publishing

romatic love

Love, in its purest form, is loving the monster inside just as much as loving the angel.

Mr. N is reading a book right now and has come to a touchy subject: trust and love. The character (we’ll call him Jim) is a conflicted man. He’s had his share of betrayal and loss. He’s in a relationship with a loving, caring woman yet he doesn’t trust her. He goes so far as to hire a private detective to follow her around. He just knows she’s cheating on him. He feels guilty about it and when the report comes in the mail, he refuses to open it. Overcome with guilt, he tells her what he did. His defense: but I didn’t open it.

She’s angry, hurt and leaves him. As she’s walking out the door, she says in so many words:

“Love without trust isn’t love at all; you can’t have…

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Competition Response

In response to your question Rosemary Johns, anything to do with the Supernatural regarding jewellery could easily open up a can of “Worms”,  but for Vampire’s, anything with Rubies, Platinum with moonstone included would have to incorporate beauty, in a wonderful form.

Elemental Genres

Exceptional, talk about giving us the tools and ideas needed to help us become better writer’s, helping us to grow and understand the “Power” a simple word has, plus the direction’s we can take.

Kaitlin Bevis

wx-11-cover-palegradient4-300x300In season eleven of Writing Excuses, they dived into the definitions of elemental genres. Here’s the framework they posted. I’m included their definition because it’s better worded than mine.

Elemental genres are the things that make you read, the emotional resonance that drives a story. Not bookshelf genres, but elemental genres. The 11 elemental genres planned are wonder, idea, adventure, horror, mystery, thriller, humor, relationship, drama, issue, and ensemble. This is a framework for talking about what makes readers turn the page and have emotional responses, not a hard-and-fast set of categories or rules. Elemental genres let you mix-and-match underneath the veneer of the bookshelf categories.

It was a fantastic season. They talked a lot about what defines the different genres and how to layer them with the plot, subplot, and character arcs. I particularly enjoyed Newton’s Laws of Writing.

[1] A word count at rest tends to remain at…

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Article: Reflected in You (Enhanced Edition) – Sylvia Day

Reflected in You (Enhanced Edition) – Sylvia Day

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