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Magnus Blackwell’s past is about to catch up with him…Read A Spé iso EXCERPT Below! Enjoy!!

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Alexandrea Weis & Lucas Astor
(A Magnus Blackwell Novel #2)
Published by: Vesuvian Books
Publication date: April 17th 2018
Genres: Adult, Supernatural

Magnus Blackwell’s past is about to catch up with him.

An evil force has seized New Orleans. Pestilence, suffering, and darkness cloak the city. The citizens are scared and need their mambo to guide them, but Lexie Arden can’t help anyone. A diabolical presence has taken Lexie’s power and severed her ties with the other side.

Magnus Blackwell is fighting demons of his own. Torn between his devotion to Lexie and a spirit from his past, Magnus’s loyalty is put to the test. He must revisit his sins to uncover the key to the hatred ripping the city apart. If he doesn’t, Lexie’s reign as mambo will end.

Their search for answers leads them deep into the darker realms of voodoo—until a desperate Lexie does the unthinkable…

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Happy Release Day & Review – Midlife Crisis by L.B. Dunbar

Bibliophile Chloe

See My Review Below!

☆¸.•*¨*★☆★ NEW RELEASE! NOW LIVE! ★☆★¸.•*¨*☆

 MidLifeCrisis-Ebook (1)

A sexy silver fox might be the perfect solution to a midlife crisis.

Midlife Crisis

Another romance for the over 40

L.B. Dunbar

Romantic Comedy

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Cover Design: Shanoff Designs

Cover Model: Tom Ernsting

Midge Everette.

I’m forty-one today.

It’s my birthday,

And I’m crying over burnt toast.

That’s not some euphemism.

Literally, I’m sobbing over stupid bread,

so I call a crisis center.

I just need someone to talk to about life.

Only I recognize the smoky voice of the man on the line.

In the name of all things, don’t let it be…

Hank Paige.

As a former rock star,

I once had it all.

Fame. Fortune. Females.

Except for the one thing I wanted most.

Now, I fix cars and restore other people’s dreams.


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Upcoming Release: Dirty Talking Cowboy by Stacey Kennedy


Dirty Talking Cowboy by Stacey Kennedy

A Kinky Spurs Novel (book 1)

Swerve/St. Martin’s Press (June 5, 2018)



Emma Monroe has returned to River Rock, Colorado, after the death of her grandmother. Now she’s inherited a farm full of abused animals and she’s working as a waitress at the local hotspot, Kinky Spurs. The last thing Emma wants in her life is a man, as she’s still recovering from a recent heartbreak. But when a sensual and powerful cowboy, Shep Blackshaw enters her life, Emma begins to want things she shouldn’t. Shep knows sex shouldn’t be on his mind. He’s got a world of responsibility on his shoulders. He’s attempting to save his late father’s cattle ranch, Blackshaw Cattle Company, from foreclosure. But Emma’s heated reactions to his touch make ignoring her impossible. She’s the perfect distraction to make him forget that his father’s company is a sinking…

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Cover Reveal: SAVING LEAH by MISHA ELLIOTT is Coming June 5th! @Mishaelliott @BuoniAmiciPress

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Title: Saving Leah
Author: Misha Elliott
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: June 5, 2018
Cover Designer: Lori Jackson Design

Hosted by:Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

Sometimes the only thing worse than revealing a painful secret is keeping it from the one who wants to save you. In time fractured bones mend and torn flesh heals. But what about a fractured soul? Years of abuse have left Leah scared and broken, in solitude with the only symbol of the person she used to be-her violin. While in hiding, she never expected to meet the handsome and alluring Asher. Can he save her before all is lost or will her secrets become the death of her? **WARNING** This book contains adult material including violence and sexual content intended for readers over the age of 18.

I carry uneasiness inside; it constantly mocks me, gnawing at me like a beast, desperately clawing to…

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FREE Prequel: BEFORE SIN by M. MALONE and NANA MALONE is NOW LIVE & FREE! @nanamalonewriter @minxmalone

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Book Addict live

Before Sin by M. Malone and Nana Malone is NOW LIVE & FREE!
“OMG!!! What a way to start the next Duet!!!” – ARC Reviewer

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They say love is all around.

Yeah, for everyone but me.

It sounds crazy, I know. Breaking News: badass bodyguard for the nation’s top security firm doesn’t know how to talk to women.

That’s it, folks. I have no game. Luckily my newfound family at Blake Security accepts me exactly as I am.

But there are things in my past, secrets, that I’d do anything to protect them from.

The Sin Duet is coming soon…
Sin releases on MAY 29th!



Google Play:

I’m a bodyguard. I walk softly and carry a big…stick.

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Instafreebie – free ebook giveaways


Follow the link above and make sure you grab anything that takes your fancy. ….

What do you do when your job became your obsession. You suddenly desire the one person who is meant to be your target.

☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆

Here are your Fantasy Stories for the month. Instafreebie has been focusing on a theme each month to keep us more entertained. With full length novel’s, they are trying to give us what we crave and desire the most from the genrè of Fantasy.

Each month they present us with a theme….so we can focus and enjoy the best of what they have put together for us, plus ensure we have just the right amount to choose from to prevent us from getting to overwhelmed.

“Dangerous Water’s” So what can we expect? ???

Oceans with monster’s.

Cursed glasses of water.

Character’s who drown.

Every story have water that spells trouble. ..

This is one of those typical storyline’s teaching you not to cry “Wolf”. We all know what happened to those that do. ..never believed. So now the character Loesie, need’s everyone to understand and believe what she’s saying. One to many times she called their bluff??? Now what, when she truly needs to be believed, no one will listen, how is Loesie going to get herself out of this situation.

This last novel is NOT from Instafreebie, it fit’s so perfectly into this particular Theme, I decided to add it onto your page, so you could get the enjoyment from it as well as purchasing the E-book from Amazon for F*R*E*E*


Price for the E-book is. … $ 0.00


Instafreebie – free ebook giveaways




A collection of some of the best Author’s around have come together to bring you a wonderful opportunity to collect these new and upcoming Author’s Book’s. You certainly will not be able to get them at the no..cost..Price for long. Please pick whatever you want now, because this Giveaway will finish at the end of the month. ..31st of May 2018.

This book is a super collection of five supernatural stories, all waiting for you to enjoy each of their world’s…

Technology is certainly helping designer’s in the area of book cover’s, the past few years we have seen some of the best colour’s and designs ever used. Even though we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, any type of sales involves just that, appearance from the outside in, so considering we are buying our book’s through the online book stores, their appearance plays a huge role in our decision’s…,Maybe it’s time to change some of these cliché’s.

Make sure you grab everything that appeals to you, even if you are not quite sure. These novel’s are from some of the best of the best in this genrè, so get as many as appeal to you so that you will have enough to carry you through both the heat wave, or snow !!

☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆

Nothing like waking up from a bad night’s sleep to find yourself on the wrong side of the magical veil. Suddenly Thomas find’s himself in the form of a large mountain lion, plus he’s surrounded by magic, magical elements and creature’s any way he turn’s.

It look’s as though FATE has their own idea for Thomas and what his life will entail. ….

Meet some of those who are part of the “Ravishing Regencies” the men who are more interested in their desires that societies correctness and niceties.

If you were to believe in these historical time’s, that money and power were a man’s largest and fondest desire, you would definitely be wrong, women can turn a man 180° without batting an eyelash, so we have a wonderful selection of ladies doing just that! !! to these Lord’s, Dukes and Gentlemen.


Time for a bit of humour and comedy, to lighten the mood just a little. So we have a terrific choice for you to pick from, this is where the craziness of our Author’s come out for ALL to see…Lol!!

Instafreebie – free ebook giveaways




>>>》》》》》》 ~~~~~~~ 《《《《《《 <<<

This is for adults only. If you get a little upset by steamy sexy descriptive scenes, then this is a book you need to avoid. BUT…..if you are a healthy, warm blooded female who likes to read about the REAL THING, then this is a book you are going to love….

No one likes to HAVE to make a choice, especially when you have the chemistry these two have……read on…

WOW!!!! Nothing like having a group of sexy “Alpha” males wanting and arguing over you…..

The thought of what happens behind closed doors is what get’s this young, attractive journalist into a whole heap of…..

Romance. ..Romance. ..Romance. .You can visualize and have your FUN by reading these terrific hot champing at the bit, book’s. You want a book boyfriend for the weekend, look no further than here, I am sure you will find one who will keep

you company and warmmmm !!!!

This book Giveaway came to you from Instafreebie;

They are alway’s available when we need them……

Enjoy your week. ..get ready for the upcoming weekend. ..

The Glasshouse by RELEASE BLITZ

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the brighter side of
Jo&Isalovebooks Promotions
proudly presents

A Lavender Shores Novel
Publication Day April 1st 2018
Cover Artist:AngstyG

Adrian Rivera lives as he damn well pleases, defying his Lavender Shores family to spend his days farming the beautiful Northern California land. Not one to daydream of true love and romance, Adrian’s social life has always been filled with sex and plenty of good times. 

Harrison Getty went from NFL star quarterback to America’s gay heartthrob, to reality TV star—with his wedding day broadcast live on national television. But Harrison feels trapped in a Hollywood life dictated by others. To breathe again, he runs from it all… 

Adrian’s attraction to Harrison has been building for months—even as Harrison prepared to marry another man. Lightning strikes between them, stirring emotions and passions as Adrian finds “the one,” a love…

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